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Classical Pilates Training

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Experience a powerful system of body conditioning as Joe Pilates intended.

Pilates called his method “Contrology,” meaning the “art and science of control.” When practiced consistently, one may discover the extraordinary benefits of Contrology – a path to physical harmony, injury prevention, and a profound sense of focus and balance.
Much of the equipment Joe Pilates invented uses low-impact spring resistance, as well as rounded surfaces meant to support, enhance, and educate the body. I use high-end Contrology and Gratz equipment in my studio to give students the best results.
I’m passionate about delivering quality instruction and sweaty workouts, while also addressing the individual’s fitness goals and injuries.

I go the extra mile by:
• Teaching students how to handle the equipment.
• Teaching the order, names, and transitions of the exercises, so students can practice the method independently.
• Nurturing an understanding of the broader concepts of Contrology.
• Tracking progress in the system.

My ultimate vision is to create a community of dedicated Pilates practitioners who are committed to a serious practice and want the highest level of instruction available in the Asheville area.

Echelon Open Studio Class (Approval Required)

In Studio or Virtual $48.00 / 50 minutes (special 90 minute class on Thursday evenings)

Unlike most group classes, this is limited to a small group of four participants who want the independence of a self-guided workout, along with the watchful eye of a teacher who can give personal feedback. You can show up and leave when you’d like during the class window, giving you both flexibility and tons of attention. We believe in the progress, exploration, and beauty of your own practice and pace. Get outside your comfort zone and take your Pilates study to new heights!

Single Pilates Lesson – In-Person or Virtual 

$125.00 / 50 minutes

Experience Pilates as it was meant to be practiced without all the unnecessary fluff, distracting music, or fusions of other exercise modalities. We teach “the method” – uncomplicated and incredibly effective. We offer the same personalized, one-one-one instruction on Zoom, as we do in person. You might be delighted and surprised by just how much your teacher can see and assist online. Apparatus and props are welcome if you have them available, but a simple mat works too.

Monthly Saturday Masterclass


  • Workout + learn more about the important big-picture concepts of Contrology. Open to students and teachers
  • 3 month expiration

Upper Echelon Membership

  • Includes (4) 50-minute Private Contrology Lessons with Erin per month (in person or virtual) These lessons offer guidance tailored to your body from a teacher who is one person removed from Joe Pilates
  • 15% Discount on additional lessons
  • Unlimited Echelon Open Studio Group Workouts (may attend in person or virtual)
  • Unlimited access to Saturday Masterclasses
  • Dedicated weekly appointment time on Erin’s schedule
  • Membership Rate is $470.00 per month with option to auto-draft on the 1st or 15th of the month. A minimum six-month commitment is required
  • For additional information or to check on availability, contact us