Erin Brown

Erin Brown

Pilates Teacher

Erin Brown has been a student of movement and human anatomy her entire life. She began her journey as a young ballerina and transitioned to modern dance as a teen, where she received several scholarships and grants and quickly won the attention of world renowned choreographers for her fierce technique and creative style.

In an effort to avoid feeling trapped by a stagnant cubicle desk job to make ends meet, she immersed herself in the study of massage therapy. Years of dancing and old injuries began to show up in her knees and became troublesome for her massage work. In 2012, she connected with 2nd generation Classical Pilates Teacher, Penelope Wyer. Her knee pain virtually disappeared and she acquired a healthy obsession with this incredible method of body conditioning. A few months later, she enrolled in her teacher training program, which she completed in 2014. Over the years, she has enjoyed many advanced teaching workshops with the best in the industry.

She currently trains with the incomparable Sandy Shimoda and Jay Grimes (1st generation teacher who worked with Joe and Clara Pilates) of Vintage Pilates. She’s a student in their highly selective international graduate teaching program called “The Method.” She also assists Sandy with teaching her online Mat Course.

Because she has a deep understanding of the body and unparalleled training, she is now a favorite among Asheville Area Pilates Enthusiasts, Runners, Yogi’s, Hikers, & Cyclists, to name a few. Erin is a dance music aficionado and enjoys hanging with her husband and their little parrot, Diego.

  • “The Method” with Vintage Pilates – current intern
  • “Weekends with Jay” Training Series with Jay Grimes
  • Authentic Pilates Certification Program, Pure Pilates Asheville
  • Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington DC
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, Modern Dance
  • Virginia Governor’s School of the Arts, Norfolk, VA
  • Old Dominion University Ballet, Norfolk, VA